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Pokémon Go – which team to choose?

Pokémon Go - which team to choose?

There are three teams to choose from in Pokemon GO. The decision is final and you cannot change it during the game. Read our description of teams Valor, Mystic and Instinct here! Pokemon GO – which team to choose?

What is the importance of choosing a team and which team is the best?

So far, no team features have been confirmed that have a significant impact on the game. However, you must remember that your team selection will affect Raids and Gyms. In Gyms, even though your Pokémon will take the place of honor – you will fight on behalf of your team. Other players can join the skirmish by defending or attacking.

As a reward for taking over the Gym, you will receive PokéCoins money for a while, the internal currency that allows you to buy bonuses in the store (you can get free PokéCoins using our website). Also, keep in mind that you’ll receive slightly better rewards for spinning the disc over your team’s Gym, as well as a few extra Premier Balls for catching a Pokémon in a Raid that appears above your team’s Gym.

After the launch of Pokémon Go, there have been numerous speculations about the additional benefits of choosing a specific team. Some users thought that the puzzle was related to the legendary Pokémon – birds, that is, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. So far, however, no one has confirmed this information.

It is also worth paying attention to the meaning of the names of the team leaders, as each of them corresponds to a pet. Molters is Pokémon Candeli, Zapdos is Spark’s Pokémon, and Articuno is Pokémon Blanche. However, the meaning of this symbolism has not been explained so far.

Pokémon Go – which team to choose?

The simplest answer is to choose a team that your friends have joined. If you are going to play together, you will be able to join efforts and win a Gym or defend your position. You will also get additional Premier Balls from Raids yourself.

If you don’t have friends who are enjoying Pokémon Go, choose the team that suits you best. You can suggest the leader’s philosophy or the Pokémon assigned to the team.

Based on statistics, most players choose blue, which is Mystic. Reds are in second place – Valor, and in third are yellow, i.e. Instinct. It is not known what causes these results, but the fact is that Mystic controls 40%. all Gyms (data from GymHuntr, August, 2018).

Pokemon go teams stats

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