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Pokémon Go Raid Battle

Pokémon Go Raid Battle

Raid Battle are new to Pokémon Go with the Gym Rework update. Everything is based on cooperation between players whose goal is to defeat a strong opponent, i.e. the raid boss. Defeating such a unique opponent guarantees exclusive rewards, as well as legendary Pokemon.

Minimum level for Raid Battle

Raid Battles are not available to everyone due to their greater difficulty level. Therefore, they are intended only for those trainers who can boast a level from 20 up. Initially, it was the 35th level, but in recent days it has decreased significantly.

Raids aren’t available everywhere. Initially, they included only selected places in the United States and cooperating companies. Increasingly, however, you can come across news that Gym raids are becoming available in new places.

What are raid battles and raid bosses

Raids are about quickly concentrating a few players in the immediate vicinity who are called to defeat an extremely strong Pokemon. The time from the received call, in which we have to defeat the boss, also matters. This, in turn, has a huge number of CP (combat power) points, up to 10 times greater than standard, strong Pokemon, which requires a full squad to defeat the opponent.

Pokémon Go Raid Battle

Some raid battles will be easier than others. Each of them is determined by a difficulty level from 1 to 5, where « one » can be, for example, Magikarp, « four » are the best Pokemons like Tyranitar and Snorlax, and « five » is intended for the legendary varieties. A little lower you will find a useful table, where we have listed all Pokemon, their health points and the best way to defeat them.

How Raid Passes and Rewards Work in Pokémon Go

While the Pokémon Go Raid Battle update is free, participation in these events requires a special pass.

If you meet the tier requirements, you can receive one pass each day by spinning the disc in the Gym. You can’t store this passes, so if you don’t use one day, you won’t be able to get another the next day. If you want to get more passes, you can do so by spending 100 PokeCoins for one Premium pass. Remember, that you can get free PokeCoins using our website!

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