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Pokémon GO – map, how to use it, game screen

Pokémon GO Map

The map is the foundation of Pokémon GO – this is where we see the Pokémon to encounter, as well as various points of interest. In fact, on the screen we see a map of the area in which we are located – only with slightly more fabulous colors than in the case of typical GPS devices. Check ur description of Pokémon GO Map now!

Pokemon GO map – basic information

The map of our area is clear and easy to use. By moving your finger you can rotate the map in any direction. When you bring two fingers closer together on the screen, you zoom in on the image to get more details.

You can always see your avatar on the map, with a pulsating circle around it. Everything within the circle’s borders, we can click to perform an action – it can be catching a creature or visiting a PokeStop.

Pokémon GO Map

The most important points on Pokemon GO map:

  • Gym (Arena) – This is where you fight battles with other Pokemon. You can get free Pokecoins there.
  • PokeStop – You visit these places to spin a picture in a frame and get items.
  • Pokemons – creatures that appear in random places to catch.

You will also see pink confetti on the map at PokeStop. This means that someone has used a Lure Module item there, thanks to which the place attracts Pokémon for 30 minutes.

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