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Pokémon GO – how to change a trainer’s name and appearance

Pokémon GO - how to change a trainer's name

Pokémon GO is a game by assumptions that encourages contacts with others, but does not offer many social features. You won’t see a friend list or the ability to compare yourself with other users. Currently, the only form of contact with aliens are actually only Arenas. Only there players can see our character and his name, if we put up our own creatures there. Pokémon GO – how to change a trainer’s name and appearance?

At the beginning of the adventure, we create our hero, but fortunately there are ways to change the name and appearance of the avatar. Although there are certain conditions associated with the process – not fully understandable. Below, we explain how to change your character’s nickname, hair color and outfit.

How to change your name in Pokémon GO

Each player has to enter a unique – character name the first time they run Go and catch the first creature. Thanks to a recent game update, we are able to change this nickname, but only once – so use this option carefully.

Pokémon GO – how to change a trainer’s name? To change the trainer’s name, open the options menu by tapping the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen and then the gear icon. Scroll down the options screen until you find « Change nickname » at the bottom. Select it and you can edit your name.

You will also see a one-time change notification on the screen, but if you are sure you want to modify the nickname of the character, enter the new name.

We’re not sure why Niantic introduced a single name change restriction, but we’re in a better position than in the post-launch period where a similar option didn’t exist at all. To change the nickname of the trainer, you had to contact the company and count on a response.

Changing the appearance of the trainer in Pokémon GO

Another feature that was not available in Go from the beginning is the ability to modify the appearance of characters. It wasn’t introduced until the July 31 update. Previously, the appearance could be determined once, only at the beginning of the adventure, with no chance for later changes.

To change the appearance, turn on the coach’s screen by clicking the po icon in the lower left corner of the screen. In this menu you can see the experience level, the selected team and medals collected during the game. Then click on the icon in the right corner of the menu that opens and you will expand the list of options. Choose « Customize » here.

When you click on this item, you will be taken to the same screen as the one from the beginning of the game. Here you can change the appearance of clothing, avatar skin color and the gender of the character. When you have made all the planned changes, click the button in the right corner to confirm them. You can also go back to the previous screen to cancel the changes.

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