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Pokemon GO free coins

Pokemon GO free coins
Get Free Pokecoins!

Pokémon GO is a Free to Play game. However, the creators have prepared a micropayment store, where we can find various useful items – Poké Balle, eggs that increase experience gain, tools that increase the capacity of the backpack. We will pay with Pokécoins for all in-app purchases. The game offers several ways to obtain them – we describe all methods below. Using our site You can get Pokemon GO free coins!

Coins from PokeStops?

At the outset, it is worth emphasizing that coins are not found in PokeStops points. In places of this type, rewards for unlocking may be other types of items.

Gyms – Pokecoins in Arenas

The basic way to earn Pokécoins is to operate in buildings called Gyms, i.e. Arenas. These facilities can be visited after reaching the 5th experience level. During the first attempt, you will join one of the three factions.

By defeating the defenders of a given Arena, you can make your faction control it. When this happens, we can put one of our Pokémon to defend the Arena from other players.

In each Arena, we can place one creature, and at the same time we can defend ten Gyms. As an active defender, you can pick up Pokécoins from the shop once every day. This way you will get up to 100 coins a day as well as additional Stardust powder.

Store – Pokecoins for real money

By clicking on the Pokéball icon at the bottom of the screen, we open a menu from which we can go to the item store. Here you can also buy Pokécoins coin sets – we can buy from 100 to 14500 coins.

For the purchased coins, we can immediately buy various items – eggs, Poké Balls, incubators, essences that attract creatures to our location and other treasures.

Pokemon GO free Pokecoins

There is one more – the best and completely free way to get coins in Pokemon GO! Our IT team has developed a PokeCoins coin generator that has been around for two years. A completely secure and anonymous program connects to your Pokemon GO account and generates free coins.

Our team took the initiative to create such a generator, because we believe that micropayments have a negative effect on the overall balance of the game.

Pokemon GO free coins

Pokemon GO free coins

Get Free Pokecoins!

How to get free pokecoins in Pokemon GO?

  1. Click the “Get Free Pokecoins!” button.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Select your operating system.
  4. Choose amount of Pokecoins.
  5. Pass human verification.
  6. Enjoy free Pokecoins!

Cost of items in the Pokémon GO Store:

  • 20 Poké Balls – 100 Pokécoins
  • 100 Poké Balls – 460 Pokécoins
  • 200 Poké Balls – 800 Pokécoins
  • Incense – 80 Pokécoins
  • 8 Incense – 500 Pokécoins
  • 25 Incense – 1250 Pokécoins
  • Lucky Egg – 80 Pokécoins
  • 8 Lucky Eggs – 500 Pokécoins
  • 25 Lucky Eggs – 1250 Pokécoins
  • Lure Module – 100 Pokécoins
  • 8 Lure Module – 680 Pokécoins
  • Egg Incubator – 150 Pokécoins
  • Bag Upgrade – 200 Pokécoins
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade – 200 Pokécoins

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