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Pokémon Go – bronze, silver and gold badges

Pokémon Go - bronze, silver and gold badges

Thanks to the new features in the game, you can return to some arenas and improve them. All this is due to the greater number of rewards proposed and thus rewarding for your efforts in the game. You can read the details of the Pokémon Go – bronze, silver and gold badges below.

How badges work in Pokémon Go

Each gym you use will offer you a unique badge that is unique to that location. Just spin the disk there to get the default badge.

Pokémon Go badges

To check your badges, just go to your coach profile, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the Gym Badges menu. Then we choose the List option. You can also do this by using the globe icon at the bottom left of the screen.

All badges are divided into basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and each of them offers different rewards when we decide to spin the disc. They will probably also be available as a result of winning the boss in raids.

How to get a Bronze, Silver or Gold Gym Badge

The method for earning badges is to earn Arena Experience Points. They are based on the various types of activities presented in the list below:

  • Adding Pokemon to the arena (+100 points)
  • Keeping a creature in the arena (+1 point per minute)
  • Defeating a Pokemon (defeated CP points divided by 10)
  • Win a raid battle (+1000 points)
  • Give Berries to Pokemon in Gym (+10 points)

By doing the above activities, no matter if you play passively, such as working on motivation or doing outdoor activities, you will quickly earn extra points.

Additional information about badges in Pokémon Go

As you work on increasing your badge levels, you will receive better rewards by spinning the disc in the Gym screen. Each next level adds another item. You will also get an extra one if your faction controls the Gym.

Above you can check what the badge screen looks like. It also serves as a Gym management tool, allowing you to check which Pokemon is in a given location for the first time.

Pokémon Go – bronze, silver and gold badges also shows a lot of information about the Pokemon you have that are currently in the training arena. The data collected covers the period from the very beginning when the creature was in the given place. Among the information you will find the number of wins.

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