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slot machine

a gambling machine that selects random configurations of various symbols (most often they are fruit, in English these devices are called fruit machine). A win takes place when identical characters line up in one row. The game is played with certain stakes which are converted into money. The higher the stake, the greater the multiplier or more scored lines.

Standard division of One-armed bandit machines:

  • 3-cylinder: 3 rolls with one payline,
  • 5 reels: 5 reels with more than one payline,
  • multi-row: make it possible to place a bet on several rows at the same time,
  • multi-spin: each roller is stopped separately.

The first version of the slot machine was introduced to pubs in New York in 1891 by the company Sittman and Pitt and was very simple in its form. After throwing the coin into the slot of the machine, you had to pull the lever that started the fight with the symbols of playing cards. The reward for hitting the winning symbols was a free drink or cigar from the bartender.

A fundamental change in the slot machines was introduced in 1895 by Charles Frey, who is considered to be the father of one-armed bandits. It was he who developed the Liberty Bell slot machine with the characteristic bell symbol, which is still present in one-armed bandits to this day. The Freya slot machine had 3 reels and 5 different symbols: a horseshoe, diamonds, hearts, spades and a bell. The highest possible prize in the game was 50 cents and in order to win it, you had to put 3 identical symbols in one row. Charles Frey’s original version of the slot machine is in the Nevada State Museum in Carson City.

Initially, slots were treated as entertainment and entertainment, not as a way to earn money. An example of this is a slot machine in which the prize was fruit chewing gum by Bell-Fruit. The machine uses the symbols of fruit (individual chewing gum flavors) and the company logo, the oblong word BAR, which are used by many one-armed bandits until today.

In 1963, the American company Bally launched a slot machine called Money Honey. It was the first electromechanical slot machine and the first machine to pay out winnings automatically. It was possible to insert more than one coin into this type of machine, which allowed to play for a higher stake.

Slots machines became so popular that they were introduced to land-based casinos to attract new customers. Now, In the era of online casinos, many companies specializing in creating virtual slot machines have been established. The most popular game providers are Microgaming, Novomatic and Net Entertainment.

The latter even went a step further and decided to use the latest technologies in creating their slot machines. Net Entertainment is working on the first slot machine in VR technology.