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A set of proficiencies that the hero has at his disposal thanks to his natural predispositions or training. Character skills appear primarily in cRPG games (and any production using RPG elements), where they complement psychophysical features. Depending on the assumptions made by the game developers, having a specific skill gives the character access to certain mechanics (e.g. shooting with a sniper rifle, hacking, intimidating interlocutors), or only makes it more effective in these activities than those who do not have it. .

In many games, the player has the opportunity to develop and expand the scope of the hero’s abilities. Depending on the rules of the gameplay mechanics, it may be related to character advancement to the next level of development, the effect of systematic repetition of certain activities, or as a reward for completing a stage of the game, e.g. defeating a boss.

The availability of individual skills, as well as the possibility of their development, often depend on factors such as race, the level of experience of the character and belonging to a specific profession / class.

borderlands 2

A hero ability calculator in Borderlands 2