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Pertaining to a game involving two or more players played over a computer network (most often the Internet or a LAN). A network game may be a separate product intended only for multiplayer gameplay over the network (e.g. MMO games) or one of the variants of the multiplayer mode (next to e.g. hot seat).

Online play can take place on the basis of competition (players struggle with each other) or cooperation (players cooperate), also divided into teams. In the case of competition, several game options are often offered, including CTF, assault and deathmatch. In turn, cooperation may allow a second player to participate in a single player campaign (e.g. in Call of Duty: Black Ops) .

From a technological point of view, a network game is based on communication between the server where the game takes place and the terminals (computer, console, telephone, etc.), through which players direct the actions of their characters (factions, units, vehicles, etc.). The role of the server can be a computer of one of the players or a device administered by the game producer / publisher.