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A variety of logical games, popular especially among casual customers, in which the player’s task is to remove small elements (usually in the shape of tiles or balls) from the board by putting them together.

Match-3 games can differ significantly in gameplay mechanics. Most often, the player’s task is to move the elements on the board in such a way that there are at least three identical (the same symbols and / or colors) in the horizontal or vertical line, which leads to their elimination. The game continues until a certain number of points is scored, the time limit is over, or all elements are removed.

In many cases, the creators of match-3 games decide to diversify the game by introducing minor modifications, such as blocking elements on the boards, the possibility of using power-ups or special combinations of elements that allow you to activate hidden mechanisms.

Some match-3 productions have a story layer and also include borrowings, e.g. from adventure games, strategies and role-playing games.

Examples of match-3 games: Empires and Puzzles, Jewel Master series,