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In video games, it is the ability to interact with the player (or the character they control) and the game world. Interactivity is a constitutive feature of the game as such – depriving the player of the possibility of introducing changes to the state of the game makes it no longer a game, but a form of a show. In the most common forms, interactivity translates, among others, into to the reactions of independent heroes, the possibility of shaping the environment (both creation and destruction), the sense of perpetration of events (e.g. consequences of behavior) Interaction is also a prerequisite for immersion, that is, the feeling of being “immersed” in a virtual environment.

By definition, cRPG games (as well as derivatives, such as action-RPG), in which players can create and destroy items, chat with NPCs, trade, virtual marriages, join various guilds, etc., are very interactive.