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A variant of sharing games, most often combined with a business model based on a microtransaction system. The productions distributed on a free-to-play basis can be played for free, which, however, often comes with some limitations.

F2P games are popular because they are « free ». The creators provide the files necessary for installation completely free of charge, and also do not require the payment of subscriptions (subscriptions). However, players must take into account that some virtual items and amenities will be offered for a fee, and advertising may appear during the game.

Free-to-play games like League of legends are provided for free, but some items and amenities require payment.

On a free-to-play basis, MMO and browser games are primarily available. Due to the potential financial benefits of the microtransaction system, as well as zero-scale piracy, more and more publishers are trying to use this solution also in other types of productions.