Android is an operating system from Google, designed for mobile devices: smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and netbooks. Its operation relies on the Linux kernel which provides: multitasking, multithreading, virtual memory… Read More »Android


The person or group of people responsible for the design and production of a video game. Professional production studios usually employ one or more development teams (including computer graphic artists,… Read More »developer


A point-based reward system characteristic of the mechanics of role-playing games for successful actions (e.g. defeating an opponent, disarming a trap, completing a task), showing the gradual increase in the… Read More »experience


The hero of the video game, whose actions are controlled by the player. In Third Person Perspective (TPP) games, the player usually has the opportunity to observe the appearance and… Read More »Hero


Worldwide computer network, connecting local computer networks via TCP / IP communication; as well as a collection of resources (information and services) and the community that uses it and uses… Read More »Internet


iOS is an advanced operating system from Apple, designed for iPhones and iPads. It is based on Mac OS X 10.5, which premiered in 2007. Thanks to iOS, all Apple… Read More »iOS