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Empires and Puzzles Free Gems

Empires and Puzzles Free Gems

Empires & Puzzles is a game combining elements of strategy, RPG and classic puzzle. In Empires and Puzzles, diamonds are used as premium currency. As it happens in this type of games, they can significantly facilitate the game. Obtaining them, of course, is not easy. We will get them from an event or a random mission, but in very small amounts. Our site allows you to generate a large amount of Empires and Puzzles Gems for free!

Empires & Puzzles the basics of the game

Empires & Puzzles uses a proven scheme, combining match-3 and RPG elements. Also in this production, we have a team at our disposal, consisting of various characters with individual statistics and skills. Arranging specific symbols next to each other allows our heroes to perform attacks, and filling the bar – to use a special ability.

Of course, we use the match-3 mechanics in all this. The more symbols are next to each other, the more damage we will deal to the opponent. In addition, some characters allow you to trigger additional effects. And it would seem that Empires & Puzzles is a standard title of this type, if not for the option of expanding the base. Thanks to it, we have access to resources, we can improve and manufacture equipment for heroes, as well as develop them faster. This element also means that we can be attacked by another player or organize a raid on enemy fortifications ourselves.

Empires & Puzzles City development

Expanding your city is key to growing stronger and improving our heroes. Generally, the way it is expanded depends on us. Nevertheless, at the beginning it is recommended to invest in farms and generate food. The expansion of the fortress will enable the construction of more buildings, so it should be our priority. Thanks to food, we can improve some buildings, create characters for training from recruits (in the training camp), raise the level and upgrade our heroes, create battle artifacts and fight in raids with other players. Along with the development of our farms and pantries, it is also worth starting the expansion of mines and iron stores. Thanks to this, we will have the ingredients to build new buildings.

Our goal should be to expand the Training Camps as soon as possible – as it turns out later, this is a key building that allows our heroes to grow in strength. Thanks to the camps, we will create training units, and later – new heroes for our team! Expansion of the forge for now – it may be of secondary importance, it is not that important in the initial phase of the game. Summing up, the prioritization of building should look like this: Fortress> Training camps> Farms> Iron mines> Storage buildings for food and iron> forges. Having several buildings of the same type is very important. For example, with two forges, one can produce Healing Potions and the other can produce Mana Potions. The same situation applies to training camps – having 4 all of them can produce the same or different type of units at the same time.

Empires and Puzzles Free Gems

Empires and Puzzles Free Gems

Get Free Gems

How to get Empires and Puzzles Gems for free:

  • Click the “Get Free Gems” button.
  • Enter your username.
  • Select your operating system.
  • Choose amount of Gems you want to receive.
  • Enjoy playing Empires & Puzzles for Free!

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