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Brawl Stars - the best tips

Read the most importantBrawl Stars tips prepared by our team. Remember that by using our website you can get Brawl Stars Free Gems.

Remember that you can try him out before unlocking the Brawler. It’s always a good idea to use this option to avoid buying a character that we like visually, but may not be well suited to the playstyle we prefer.

Spend your coins carefully. The longer we play, the less we get more money. However, it is enough not to buy heroes or upgrades without thinking, but to save, for example, only for the development of our favorite Brawler.

In Collect Gems, do not charge enemies while holding gems. This way, you risk losing them and postponing a potential victory.

One of the most important Brawl Stars tips is to use accurate aiming. Fast attacks performed by tapping the red button are good, but it is the right aiming and aiming shots that allows you to perfectly hit, for example, a retreating enemy.

Look at the team. There is no voice communication here, so just watch your companions. One ally runs to attack the enemy? Don’t stand still, just help him quickly.

Run away. Remember that you will not win every match. When your health is low and your opponent has a big advantage at the moment, simply retreat. Use bushes and covers to avoid dying while escaping.

Watch out for the circles. Each Brawler has a circle below him to mark him. Note however that sometimes a second circle appears. It means that the character has a Super attack to cast. Then watch out for your opponents!

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