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Brawl Stars – how to play

Brawl Stars - how to play

Brawl Stars is an action game similar in some ways to the MOBA genre. The core of the game are short duels, so this production is ideal for mobile platforms. Below is a short guide on how to play Brawl Stars.

After starting the game for the first time, we’ll go straight to the tutorial. You can’t skip the training, so at the beginning you learn the basic rules and the game’s interface. The controls are similar to other mobile action games with a top view.

Brawl Stars gameplay

As you can see in the picture below, use the blue knob (5) on the screen on the left to move, and the red knob (6) on the right side of the screen to aim. Of course, we use our fingers to control them and drag them in the right directions.

Brawl Stars - how to play

As standard, for many games, our team is marked in blue, and we will recognize opponents from a distance by the red circle under enemy characters.

In the first available mode (Jewel Harvest), the most important is the well in the center of the map (1). Collect all of the Jewels out of it! Pay attention when the well becomes lightened – it means that a new gem will appear in a moment.

Gem icons with numbers are sometimes visible next to player names (2). They indicate how many gems a given character is holding. Heroes drop held gems if they die. The number (3) in the picture above has marked the button for the Super skill (powerful attack, different for each Brawler), and (4) is the bar indicating how many gems in total are held by each team.

In Jewel Collections, a countdown begins when a team has collected a total of 10 of these items. Then wait 15 seconds – if during this time none of the gem carrying players won’t die, the team with 10 gems wins the match.

It is also worth noting that although we can attack by simply tapping the red attack button, it is better to hold it down and activate manual aiming. Then we see on the screen an exact bar symbolizing the range of our attack, as in the picture below:

Brawl Stars - how to play

We hope you enjoy our Brawl Stars how to play article!

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